Posted by: zhak39 | December 28, 2010


Throughout the day yesterday cars slowed down, the White Witch’s paparazzi,  admired the fruits of Helen’s labor.  An interesting contrast, our lawn, to the overblown (and often underinflated) holiday lawn decor.

Flatulent Inflatables

This morning a tentative ringing of the front door bell allowed me to meet a rather nervous young man.  I peeked to make sure this was no irate Jehovah’s Witness or other denizen Bible thumping spokesperson of community standards.  There was a newish looking F-250 king cab  in the driveway with a purposefully casual-looking woman in the front seat.  The man dithered on the front porch for a moment then asked permission to take pictures.  Allowance granted, he turned to the truck and gave a discreet thumbs up.  I could see the flash of a smile coming from the passenger seat.  She was out of the truck before he made it back to the driveway.  He fetched a small bundle of child from the back seat as the woman checked angles.

Chris just pointed out another admirer in the driveway.  Helen’s work is steadily  gaining public attention.


  1. Just now checking out yer snow photos. Totally awesome. I was just saying last night that if I wasn’t such a snow wuss I would have made some Calvin & Hobbes type snowmen, specifically the one with the shark fins and the half snowman. It is rather disturbing that Helen and I think alike in this matter.

  2. Disturbing? It’s wonderful that you and Helen think alike!

  3. Hi, could I use your underinflated inflatables picture on an instagram post? It’s just my personal instagram and I like to post about the terrible practice of under-inflating and reckless inflating. Let me know 🙂

    Thank you,

    • Jill, I had to go back to see if that was an original picture (this was quite awhile ago and I don’t remember). I did an image search and I am pretty sure that this post was the first use and that it was taken from public property so there shouldn’t be a barrier there. I don’t have any copyright issues but I am not sure about Instagram rules. I am tickled that you want to use it because flat inflatables are even tackier than the fully inflated ones.

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