Posted by: zhak39 | December 26, 2010

A Productive Day

We make a good team, Helen and I.  She has the creative impulse, that artistic vision, the ability to see an unbroken yard of snow and visualize the possibilities.

I’m good at crawling around in the wet.

Helen tested the air, the moisture, the depth of her medium.  She looked at angles, the traffic on the road and chose her site.  She made every attempt to explain her method.

“Just picture it in your mind, think about how it looks and how it would feel.  Shape the snow the way it appears in your memory.”

“Where do you want this mound of snow at?” I returned.

After many hours of pushing and pulling, rolling and heaving, shaping and smoothing we came up with this.

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For closer view, click on the images.

A Day at the Beach?

Oh no!

Lucky I had this Jug o' Blood left over from Zombie Tag

Helen certainly has some incredible talents.


A most productive day


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