Posted by: zhak39 | October 31, 2010

Halloween is not for the faint of heart

There are a lot of neutral in the bag outfits available–bananas, sexy caveman, various superheroes, but let’s get to the roots of this holiday.  Halloween, all hallow’s eve, all saint’s day, samhain, whatever you call it, it is about the thinning of the line between natural and supernatural.  It’s the passage from the time of light to the days of dark.  It’s recognition that there may be other out there, harmless or harmful.

We have had our share of butterflies and fairy days, wizards and pirates.  Now the kids make their own costumes.  And now matter how gruesome, they are still beautiful.

I eats your brains but I say please first

Vegetarian Zombie. Hmmmm.

Humans vs Zombies. You lose.


  1. I’ll suck vegetable soup out of your cranium!

    Good job on the ghoulish looks.

    Just stay away from dermatologists.

  2. What a great costume party buffet idea. Human skull bowl filled with vegetable soup. Maybe some pearl barley for texture.

    We love dress up.

  3. See if Karl Rove will lend you his. With his swelled melon, you can feed an army.
    (as well as helping out a Socialist cause or two)

    Actually, the idea of eating soup from a cranium came from Henry Rollins, “Rollins on Wry” I saw him in Hartford a couple years back on one of his “spoken word” tours. What a hoot!

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