Posted by: zhak39 | September 25, 2010

The Anatomy Lesson

Chris is taking anatomy this year. They are doing a unit on skin. This was part of his homework for a presentation Monday.


  1. Its flexible and its bleeds when you stick needles into it. I guess it’s a sign of old age, but why do kids feel a need to purposely poke holes into the largest organ in the body?

  2. I know that, when health insurance enrollment time rolls around every year, I base my choice of providers on the number and size of her tattoos. . . .

  3. Garrison Keillor, in one of his Lake Wobegone stories, suggested it is because kids have it so easy these days, not having to work the farm or walk to school or darn their own socks or put cardboard in their shoes, that they have an innate sense that they have to do SOMETHING to feel pain.

    I just throw that out there.

  4. What first? Bill.

    I find it interesting that you make health service provider choices based on something superficial. I kind of look past skin deep and ask about education, experience and skill. But that’s just me.

    OK. The why.

    A piercer once pointed out to me that Chris is not an adrenaline junkie. Yes, some people get pierced for the adrenaline rush, the dopamine jolt and that endorphin chaser. Chris doesn’t. He does not like pain. He does not enjoy the process. He endures it.

    He told me about four years ago that when he gets a piercing he feels like what is on his outside is closer to what is on his inside. He couldn’t or wouldn’t elaborate nor did I probe. I do insist that he do his research–health effects, permanency (none of his piercings are irreversible), scarring, infection rates, mobility of the wound, piercer’s tools, certifications, hygienic practices. He has had interesting discussions with his dentist, general practitioner and even a surgeon.

    Fact is, the practice is superficial. As well, he has scars from chicken pox more apparent then most of his chosen holes. He has never had an infection or a scar. He is more knowledgeable about self-care than most 17 year old boys.

    There is a social aspect to this as well. He has met artists, artisans and some savvy business people. He has traveled from indifference to toleration to respect and affection. It has been very interesting to watch and I am jazzed to have shared some of this experience, this slice of the population.

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