Posted by: zhak39 | September 11, 2010

Jon Anderson

My evening out ended just as Chris and Hannah were heading out the door for a night time stroll.  He had been kind of surprised as I whipped up a quick stir-fry for their dinner a few hours before.

“You’re going to a concert?”


But not ‘Yes.’  It was billed as “Jon Anderson, The Voice of Yes.” I would have preferred that it had simply been ‘Jon.’

I am fuzzy on the details.  Apparently Jon Anderson was very ill for a while and that illness effected his voice.  And that voice.  That incredible haunting clear and agile voice.  It definitely effected his voice.  Which could be devastating if a person’s expectation is that we as humans do not grow and change.  For those at the Carolina Theatre last night that insist that their life began and ended in their own adolescence sometime around 1978 it is a big over.  Some there last night would have done better to put on head phones and look at album covers.

The Yes songs that Jon Anderson performed had been completely rearranged to suit his current range.  Interestingly, he inserted some key changes, short interludes in minor keys that darkened and softened the music, added poignancy.  He also performed newer work that truly suited his range and gifts.  My recorder ran out of batteries (wah!!!!) but I found this on YouTube this morning.

Back home the kids asked me how the concert was.  I thought.

“You know how over time sometimes glasses get kind of cloudy and crazed looking?  Jon Anderson is like that.  The glass is cloudy but what it holds is still incredibly sweet.”


  1. I guess not everybody maintains those clean and vibrant pipes of, say, Bob Dylan or Tony Bennett.

  2. Some people retain their voice and even grow in power over time, like Pavarotti. Some have long careers and vocal staying power (Streisand, Dion). Bob Dylan? Good batteries maybe?

  3. I’m sorry . . . that does not compute!

  4. He keeps going, and going….

  5. Women and their batteries.

  6. And I thought we were solar powered.

  7. So did I! Imagine my complete surprise at how many “C” and “D” batteries they use, and how they use them! I’m red with embarrassment (at my naivette).

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