Posted by: zhak39 | May 16, 2010

Stilaphor Nightmare Redux

Ooooops! Sorry Crabby. The boys asked me to make a slight editorial change on YouTube and I forgot to update it here.Enjoy?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Well ………………….. it was quick.

    A couple of quotes from rock ‘n roll history seem appropriate.

    Someone asked Johnny Ramone once why the songs were so short. He said, “They’re actually fairly long songs played very, very quickly.”


    “Guess you only get one chance in life
    To play a song that goes like…”

    Hope to hear a full length version soon.


  2. Zappa–fun! I’ll have to dig out Sleep Dirt.

    Johnny Ramone grew up down the street from a friend of mine. They were a hoot and a half–as long as you stayed out of the splatter pattern.

    I have longer versions but given that this is a family kind of place, I decided some judicious editing was in order. Though the fact that my septuagenerian mother-in-law not only sat through the set and lived, she had a blast speaks well for the boys. They’ll be getting a dvd in a couple of weeks and were asked to come back.

  3. Absolutely nothing to do with the topic….

    Thought I’d share.

  4. That was fun–and I completely missed Lost. I’ll have to catch it on Hulu.

    I have been working three positions for the last couple of months and trying not to berate myself for not getting every little thing done. By mid-July we should actually have a staff! Yeah! Which I will get to train! (wait a minute) BOO

    Taking off for the weekend tomorrow. Maybe, maybe I will be able to catch up on things here.

  5. How about not. Doing the job of three people can be draining. (been there, done that) Put your feet up, let someone else cook dinner, (that’s what grown kids are for) and enjoy some down time. It’s supposed to be a holiday weekend.


  6. Just had a wonderful dinner that my mother cooked. No kids–there is something to be said for the child(ren) left behind. I will definitely enjoy some downtime and see if I can make a video montage. I just got a flip video player and took short videos every 15 minutes or so from looking through the windshield during an eleven hour drive up the east coast.

  7. Please send my regards to Dan & Pat.

    Take a walk up up the street in the woods for me.

    And, relax, Zhak. Relax.

  8. My parents say hi back.

    A walk sounds great.

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