Posted by: zhak39 | May 14, 2010


What is portends is a continuing muggy, hot spell.  It’s the heat and humidity that triggers these guys emerging.

Cool Bug!

I didn’t want to disturb this guy too much.  They only live for about 24 hours.  They are born without a mouth and starve to death.


  1. Of course, a day for that cool bug may seem like 80 years to us. The bug may fall in love, get hurt, bounce back, learn a bunch of stuff, then forget it. Who knows what happens inside that tiny shell?

    Sort of reminds me of that scene in Animal House where Donald Sutherland’s professor character is smoking with the naive Tom Hulce character and he says something like, “Or, we may be a tiny spec in the fingernail of another person.”

    It’s all about perspective.

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