Posted by: zhak39 | February 20, 2010

Cedric Goes to the Farmer’s Market

This reporter has been woefully negligent in keeping up with Cedric’s adventures.  In my defense, it is very difficult to keep up with this guy.  He has been quite busy seeing the sites, meeting people and soaking up the local color.  Of the many trips he has taken I think he liked the Farmer’s Market the best.

Cedric made friends with a lovely woman, a terrific baker who has been with the market forever.  She sets her table in the back corner and offers incredible pound cakes and pastries.  She was one of the lucky people present last summer when a presidential candidate dropped by.

He Looks Familiar

There are more crafts than produce this time of year but one winter crop is just lovely.

Don't Make Slaw Out of Me!

One of the artisans does traditional work that was developed in the mountains.  Gail Henderson of Back Porch Pottery truly captures this unique look.  Cedric questioned her about her models.

Have we met?

Calico Farmstead is quite close to where Cedric has been staying in Gibsonville NC.  They are a small, family owned cheese company that uses milk from Larry Gerringer Dairy.  Larry is preserving his farm through the Piedmont Land Conservancy and runs an organic operation.

Beats Cheez-Whizzz

The most phenomenal cheeses come from the Goat Lady Dairy.  ‘Nuff said.

Chocolate Truffle--oh baby.

Talking to W.E. Farthing was a great treat.  Mr. Farthing is an outdoor photographer who still works with film.  He was delighted to make Cedric’s acquaintance and even pulled out a nifty little digital camera just for a snapshot.


Cedric was really taken by Mr. Farthing’s work.  I think it reminded him that it will soon be time for him to move on.

Getting the travel bug again.


  1. Is Cedric coming to the bee exam? I would love to make his aquaintence.

  2. He should. He’ll probably do better on the test than I. I hope to meet you tonight.

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