Posted by: zhak39 | February 20, 2010

Cedric Goes Metal

There are still many pockets of ‘Mayberry’ in North Carolina.  But there is a night life.  Cedric got a taste of the wild by joining a garage band.

Defer to Maestro

The members of Stilaphor, Blake, Jason, Jeff and Chris invited Cedric to play with the band.  He tried his hand at the different instruments and even lent a hand with an amp.

That's a blast.

Cedric really liked the keyboards although the tech part was kind of over his head.

The chords are a little tough.

Guitar solos are quite a balancing act.

Let me tune that for ya' dude

Umm, what key are we in?


  1. Hey mom, don’t forget to add a little shameless promotion for the band.

    I saw their video clip. Personally, I think they sound like a cross between Crowbar and stepping on a cat, but what do I know, I’m just an old guy.

    (OMG I AM turning into my father!!!) 🙂

  2. Crabby, you are the best. I debated whether or not to link their MySpace and in the interest of being not too nosy a mom decided not to. But since you did, people, please let me introduce my son the rock star (link in Crabby’s comment).

  3. I did get a kick out of their slogan. It is funny how kids adapt to creative use of newly discovered language. Although in this case, if it were physically possible, it would mean no chicks and very poor aim. You might want to pass that on.

    Kids are sill doing the pentagram thing? That’s older than Ozzie.

    Also, when I Googled the band name, I picked up 37 hits, most of them correctly linked. Most major companies would die for that kind of coverage. WTG!

    Rock on.

  4. While I want to nurture their creativity I also have certain standards of respect in the context of my home. In other words, potty mouth stays in the workshop with the door closed and only if I am not in the yard. One of the guys does have a problem with curbing his language so we have a deal. If he curses in my hearing he has to drop what he’s doing, go to the woodpile and carry a log into the garage. Second time, two logs. Third time four logs. Last Saturday he was up to eight.

    I told him before he left on Sunday that I don’t want to humiliate him or make fun of him and we can come up with a different plan if he likes. The outcome will be that I will watch him become a better man. And they all will be great men.

    Because of technology and networking, the process of creating a band is a different universe than when we were younger. It’s as different as Newtonian physics from Einstein. It’s an amazing experience for all of us.

  5. I heard more than a passing nod to the Des Moines, Iowa-based band, Slipknot there.

  6. You guys have a much better ear than I do. Mostly what I hear is the barnyard influence.

    All of them certainly did go through a Slipknot period though.

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