Posted by: zhak39 | February 20, 2010

Cedric at Edward McKays

Edward McKay Used Book Store was one of the first places that said ‘home’ to me when we first moved to North Carolina.  At that time it was at a different location, a small storefront with a warrenish maze of bookshelves and boxes.  But what I liked the best was a little alcove where the children’s books lived and where a cat could usually be found curled up on a beanbag chair.  The kids would sprawl on the floor there looking at picture books while I browsed the shelves.

Cedric decided he needed some relaxing entertainment so he checked out their inventory.  It’s books but much more.

They think this is mythology?

Ed McKay’s has a huge selection of records.  That’s records–vinyl–those big flat black discs with a groove that spirals from edge to near the center.  Did I say groove?  Yeah.  Groovy.

Picture yourself on a boat on a river...

Books, cds, records, journals, knickknacks.  But best of all, you never know who you’re going to meet there.  I have always gotten into interesting conversations while wandering around.  Cedric quickly made friends with these meditative guys.  He was glad they did Vipassana – on the breath practice because he figured there wasn’t much air in their plastic-sealed bubbles.


Om Sweet Om

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