Posted by: zhak39 | February 5, 2010

Let’s Be Consistent Now

From the Daily Kos. It is long past the time that the ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy be scrapped. Last week during the lead up to the opening of the Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro I met a man whose parents were the first legally married caucasian/african american couple in North Carolina. This happened 41 years ago and I thought, this was actually an issue in my lifetime? Well this is also an issue that I consider as much of a no-brainer.Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is just down-hard stupid

Vodpod videos no longer available.


  1. Let’s just clean up the communication gaps in the military once and for all!

    (social satire)

  2. Okay, that was fun. You go guys.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. Please note a couple of things. First, before the video plays, in the upper right corner is the video of Sarah Palin’s reversal of her support of the bail-outs. Second, please note the yellow and burgundy sweatshirts worn by the kids behind Senator McCain during his college tour.

    He was in the great innaugural state of Iowa saying those things. Iowa, where Vice President Cheney made his speech during the 2004 campaign about how the country would be less safe with a Democrat as president. Iowa, where Howard Dean made his “I have a Scream” speech.

    Iowa, where a gay couple can get married. REALLY married. Not “civil unionized,” but married, because the Iowa Supreme Court said “why should we call it something other than what it is? To do so would violate the equal protection clause of the Iowa constitution.”

    You can view those two videos as simply examples of politicians ready to say anything in order to get elected. You can see it as two vapid people saying whatever their handlers tell them to say. You can see it as two opportunists who, by losing the election, got what they deserved.

    But the bottom pragmatic line is, with fewer and fewer soldiers, and fewer and fewer independent contractors willing to get paid five times over there what they’d earn for doing the same thing over here, because here they’re safer, and fewer and fewer other countries involved in our “coalition,” they’re going to have to open the ranks.

    The more moral bottom line though, is that in this day and age, promoting discrimination is simply unrealistic. Devaluing people because they’re “not like” you is wrong. And attempting to bulk your self-esteem up by ostracizing them and saying you’re “not like them” is foolhardy.

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments and giving me an opportunity to reprise–

    I salute Iowa for its actions on marriage and equality.

  5. As much as it puts your teeth on edge, sometimes you just have to wait for the dinosaurs to die off.

    Future generations can use the oil.

  6. Funny.

    Can we sterilize them first? They keep breeding.

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