Posted by: zhak39 | January 9, 2010

Cedric Goes to Work

We gnomes have a long tradition of sustainable and organic architecture.  We are burrowers as well as builders and believe it is important to respect the natural habitats that we adapt for our living spaces.  It was very interesting to me to observe the convoluted and complicated planning that is going into a new school and laboratories being built in this region.

Feeling Like Godzilla

Humans spend a lot of time meeting, planning and talking.  It’s complicated.

It Looks Pretty Flat

There were books of drawings as thick as I’m tall.  It was a little much to take in.


It seems that humans remake the construction site rather than suit their buildings and habitations to what is already there.  The earth moving machines were quite large and loud.

Whew, it's been a long hard day

Can’t quite reach the gears.

Aunt Jackie took me out for green tea after work.  It was very relaxing.  I needed that.

Just don't make me try sushi


  1. Say, Zhak, Cedric, with that beard, looks to be about my age. My hair and beard are as white as his. And, of course, there’s the height thing we have in common.

    If you would pass it along, please let your nephew know that if he can get beyond that 60 Minutes report from 20 or so years ago (where it said, in effect, ‘stay away from sushi you never know if what you are eating will kill you because you never know what you’re being served’), sushi, on its own, isn’t bad tasting. Moreover, if the taste of some types of sushi are a bit difficult on your palate, you can always dip the fish in that wonderful green stuff and it becomes very yummy. If all else fails, just eat the green stuff. It’ll open up your pores and your ears and, your eyes will rid themselves of any nasty bits of badness they may have collected since the last time you cried.

    Just a thought for Cedric, to whom I feel some connection.

  2. Mr. Bill–This is Cedric. As a seasoned traveler I make an effort to try a little of the local foods. In America this is an interesting undertaking because the variations from human food preparation all get mish-mashed together. And you humans eat a lot of different stuff! That green stuff reminds me of a root we often use in the winter on the rare occasions when we catch a cold. We use it as an infusion though. It’s not considered ‘food.’

    You sound like an interesting human. Let me check with headquarters and maybe we can make your region a stop on our itinerary someday.



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