Posted by: zhak39 | January 6, 2010

You Might Not Want to Talk to Me Today

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Oh, and not funny.


  1. Finally, an honest cat.

    Every cat has this within it. They lurk around your home, they act as though everything’s fine, but after a few years, they’ve taken over your home and you can’t recall when or where that occurred. But you know it’s now their home and, you’re just a necessary distraction since, afterall, you serve the food.

    How is it folks who have cats become subservient to them? Because, deep inside, they’ve seen this cat you illustrate. Perhaps it’s a dream. Perhaps a premonition. Or, perhaps the cat is completely inside of their heads. And they are afraid. Very afraid.

    Which is why we have a Black Laborador and, occasionally, geckos, at my house.

  2. When a cat is shoved in a stainless steel box, isolated in a cage that is locked from the outside and her keeper is a disembodied patronizing ironic shit with the key and cruel humor she may get pissed but also terrorized. After all, to get out she may have to squeeze through the bars and will surely leave something essential behind.

    Enjoy a goofy dog and some soulless reptiles. Cats need to roam a bit and perhaps grant attention to the humans that can appreciate them for who and what they are.

  3. You’re right.

    I might not want to talk to you today.

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