Posted by: zhak39 | January 2, 2010

Cedric the Adventurer, part 2

Cedric, an adventurous gnome who headquarters with my niece, has been exploring the middle south.  Recently he tried out the local cuisine.

While we gnomes are easily satisfied with typical woodland fair, roots, fungi, berries, as an adventurer I find it important to at least try foods.

Vegetarian; should be digestible

Vegetarian at least; may be digestible

Humans have an amazing capacity as omnivores and certainly a kind of curiosity and creativity in combining and preparing foodstuffs.  It is so much simpler to consume local whole foods but it is interesting to see how humans vary their ingredients.  I found grape leaves stuffed with grains to be quite delightful.

A hearty meal

It’s not often that I overindulge on human food but this plate was quite appealing.

Oh, I ate too much. Mortifying!

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