Posted by: zhak39 | January 1, 2010

Cedric the Adventurer

Our house is pretty fluid; folks come and stay or come and go.  We’ve always had an open door.  So when Cedric showed up on Christmas morning it was not a hinderance.  We always have room for more.

Cedric is a really contemplative guy, doesn’t talk much if at all.  He gave me a note.  The text ran somewhat as follows.

Aunt Jackie,

Hello I’m Cedric the Traveling Gnome.  Your niece was wondering if you would like to keep me for a little while.  I have talked to her and she says you and your kids are nice.  While I’m with you I would really like you to bring me to and take pictures of your neighborhood, your house, anything exciting while I’m there and you and me together.

I like to go to bed early but can sleep through almost everything.  Don’t worry about food; I brought my own.



Traveling can be scary; I have to credit Cedric for sheer adventure.  He’s going to have to do some exploring by himself so I left a camera.

This is my first jaunt in the southern United States.  I must say the local population is interesting.

They seemed friendly

Some of the younger folks were quite bold.

They're just kids after all

It turns out that the initial crew I ran into were all transplants from other areas.  I was truly privileged to meet some of the true natives at an artisan gathering.

Local handicrafts are a valued business

I was some concerned with my initial accommodations but when I indicated that even though I went to sleep at the same time as the birds, I wasn’t that heavy a sleeper.  Another rooming option was quickly devised.

Sleep with the birds is a metaphor, people

To be continued.

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