Posted by: zhak39 | December 19, 2009

Gun Control or Self Control?

One of my boys had just finished P.E., veered off to the bathroom then headed for the locker room.  An assistant principal stopped him at the door, told him not to go in.  A moment later a school resource officer exited the locker room with this fellow

Apparently teenage boys have added to their protective gear for rowdy games of dodgeball and ultimate frisbee.  Along with sweat socks and smelly jocks, this fella had one of these in his gym locker.

Yes, semi-automatic and loaded

I like the people that I work with, even the guy that persists in pushing political views from planet Conservatus.  I’m pretty sure his response to this situation would be, “Let me help you pick out a gun for your son.  The good guys need to be carrying too, you know.”  (Course from the same perspective, maybe Isaiah up there is one of the good guys just waiting for some psycho to pick on teenage damsels so he could blow them away.)

From the local paper

Eastern student charged with having gun in school
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2009 (Updated 4:59 pm)
Accompanying Photos

Photo Caption:Isaiah Neal Crawford 121809
An Eastern Guilford High student was charged Friday with possession of a firearm on school property, the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office reports.

A school resource officer arrested Isaiah Neal Crawford, 17, of 1912 McKnight Mill Road in Greensboro after recovering a Lorcin .380 caliber semiautomatic handgun from his locker.

The gun was loaded with a round of bullets, police say.

Maj. Tom Sheppard said a school employee told the resource officer that the student might have a gun in his locker. According to Guilford County Schools policy, lockers can be searched at any time without notice or student consent when a school official has a reasonable suspicion that a student possesses unauthorized material.

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