Posted by: zhak39 | December 9, 2009

To Richard and Kay

I sent the followoing to Kay Hagen today. Amendments to the same to Richard Burr embedded.

Say it ain’t so. My understanding is that the health insurance reform is going to go forward with these lynchpins. (1) Everyone in the country is required to purchase health insurance, (2) there will be no non-profit government run insurance option to provide competition to the current rapacious health insurance companies currently available.

Since when is 55, the proposed new portal for Medicare, the beginning of middle age? What about Americans struggling to pay for insurance for spouses and children? What about new workers trying to get by on beginner wages? Please! Businesses don’t even fully cover insurance for individuals anymore and the cost of premiums is going up by double digits every year, far outpacing any inflationary formula (13% increase on my husband’s premium just this week). The insurance industry is run amok. They are not going to self-regulate and it seems your wienie (for Burr that would by you and your) colleagues in Congress think this is acceptable.

It is not acceptable, Kay. (for Burr, Richard) Please push harder. (for Burr, please reconsider your position a representative of the people of North Carolina). If our government is going to require people to purchase a commodity it certainly should provide an affordable way to actually accomplish it.

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