Posted by: zhak39 | October 31, 2009

Halloween Continues To Be Fun

And if you go chasing rabbits, and you know you’re going to fall…

white rabbit

Helen as the White Rabbit

Helen began re-imaging the Alice in Wonderland characters in September.  We had the White Rabbit, of course.  Sam was the Mad Hatter.  I don’t have a picture yet but this is his hat.  It is made from a hat form acquired at a craft store and an inverted lamp shade.  The top is cut from a pizza box secured with antique button ‘hinges’ to make a ‘liftable’ lid.


The Hatter's Hat

Ever ready for a spot of tea, Hatter keeps a tea set inside his topper.  Florist foam makes a nest for a toy china set for four including tea pot, creamer and sugar.

Hat Inside

Care for a Cup?

This is Helen’s last year at school so I am especially enjoying watching her make memories.  It is a small school on a large college campus.  The 150 or so students are very tight; the teaching and administrative staff know all the students by sight, name and character.  When it was time for judging costumes (which Helen had reservations about), a teacher called out “Anyone in costume that wants to be in the contest go in the other room and that means you, Helen.”

Typically, when I found the camera the night before the event, the battery was next to dead and no one could find the charger so I didn’t get pictures of Sam.  He wore the hat and spiral glasses.  Given that the Hatter tends to be formal, he wore dress pants.  Given the Hatter was mad, he wore a strait jacket.  Helen was particular about him wearing a vest as the Hatter does have some dignity.  Here are some pictures of the outfit sans Sam.

Hatter Front

Strait Jacket For Formal Occasions

Hatter Back

Zippers and straps for that tailored look.

The jacket is a modified chef’s coat with zippers in the front and back to give it a sleeker fitted look.  The buckles are from Helen’s old belts and the collar secured with a leather watch band.  The ‘vest’ is made from a thick upholstery velvet–quite grand.

We also had a Queen of Hearts (that would be me), a King of Hearts (Jeff) and a sweet six foot tall March Hare (Julian).  Hopefully I will be able to pull some pictures from Facebook or the yearbook advisor.


  1. Amazing costumes and make-up!
    Post more photos!
    Nice to hear from you today.
    Love, Christie

  2. This was all Helen. It was really fun to see her go from an idea to a concept to drawings. From there I got to play tech assistant, hitting thrift stores, poring through boxes of buttons, remaking clothes to fit her vision.

  3. Terrific, as expected! Looking forward to seeing the other photos.

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!! More pictures please. Let me know when you’ve posted. Can’t wait to see you guys this month…

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