Posted by: zhak39 | October 6, 2009

Hey Crabby

Do they drink cow’s milk in India? Maybe it’s this.

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  1. LOL, that may account for the need of the oversized diapers, but I never mentioned cows. Since cows are sacred in India, I know that cows milk is out. (they’ll milk a buffalo. they’ll make cheese out of it, cows, buffalo, both in the bovine family, go figure)

    I suppose you can get milk out of just about any mammal, but getting them to cooperate can be a challenge. I’ve seen mentions on the net about rat’s milk cheese. Sir Paul McCartney’s ex wife, Peggy, was rumored to be opening a giant rat milk farm in the UK to feed the masses. (but with a smaller carbon footprint)

  2. Ouch!

    “The giant rats, however, are very dangerous and during the expedition four of them gnawed through one of the native porters and left the poor fellow without a leg. Luckily, Heather had a spare so lent it to the poor chap.”

    The Brits have perfected tabloid press. But then again they also gave the world Benny Hill.

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