Posted by: zhak39 | September 18, 2009

Okay. For Good Measure

It’s hard to find the audio quality for older live stuff. I actually have this on vinyl.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Okay. For Good Measure“, posted with vodpod


  1. Back in the days when Roger could hit the high notes and Pete could hear what he was playing.

  2. I did some tough editing before I picked this particular video. The audio on the early 70’s club stuff was awful; the voice quality on the newer stuff? Um-hm.

    My son really likes to go to ‘shows’ and sometimes I go with him. Generally the live audio leaves much to be desired and sometimes the players (instrumental or vocal) well, they may sound like improperly working plumbing. I have some sentiment for The Who, for Pearl Jam, and for my son’s new favorite non-local Mars Volta.

    I respect all of them because if I was notable enough to have audio or video out there on the internet? Ouch.

  3. I had a friend in college who was very grounded; very “central New York,” which, the more I live here, could be translated as very “midwestern.” Often, he’d do “impersonations” of older “central New Yorkers.” A favorite of mine was,

    “Go to a Who concert? Why, I could just stay here, go out to the Rusty Nail and catch a bar brawl. Sure would save me a lot of money and travel to the big city.”

    Although I have a great affection for the music of The Who, I’ll take Pete’s solo work, and his softer voice, any time. And that includes the relatively boring concert performances that go with it. “Give love, and keep blood between brothers.”

  4. As someone who has bounced in a mash pit and crowd surfed before it became mainstream, I believe there’s a place for the all out energy of guitar smashing screeching screaming extravaganzas. But then ‘there’s a tear in my beer cuz I’m missing you dear’ was never my speed.

  5. I am a real big Who fan! Hell, I hitchhiked to Saratoga and back back in ’71 to see them. (fifteen at the time, boy were my parents pissed!) I also have most of Petes’ solo stuff.

    As time goes by, you get a glimpses of what use to be. Your posted video was such a glimpse. Having seen them in ’71 and than last year at Mohegan Sun, I was first struck by how old they were (and who were these old farts standing around me?) Nostalgia, at times, made them sound better than the probably were.

    No smashing, but it was loud enough. Like Pete, the rest of us older folks have to be able to hear what’s being played. A wonderful time.

    I hope that years from now, they have Guitar Hero when I get to the Nursing home. (those poor people don’t know what they’re in for!)

  6. 1971? I wonder if this is the same year they came to New Paltz where the venue ever-after was renamed ‘the tripping fields’?

    I never saw them live but one time a friend of mine and I went to multiple thrift stores, bought every guitar they had under $5, set up speakers in the back windows of his parents’ house and had our own smashfest in the backyard. Cathartic.

  7. The New Paltz Tripping Fields,so named by Grace Slick when the JA played there in ’70. Other bands that played in the ’70’s were The Beach Boys, Jerry Garcia, Jethro Tull, and yes, The Who

  8. What fun! It is a good thing that I was born just a couple years too late for this. The trouble I could have gotten into!

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