Posted by: zhak39 | August 5, 2009

Foot Notes

The doctor couldn’t e-mail the x-rays and I didn’t have a camera or a flash drive.  He says that the bone is healing.  I think it looks broke, broke, broke.

Hopefully it will look more improved in three weeks.


  1. I have the same break– fell down one step on June 15th. My doc says its healing but it just started calcifying the last few weeks. Do you still have pain? I still feel like I constantly have a rock under my foot.

    It’s amazing how easy these little bones break. The physician’s assistant showed me how to read the x-rays when I was in last week. He explained how to look at the shadows to see that fibers are forming in order to guide the knitting of the bone. Or that’s how I understand it.

    At this point it only hurts when it is about to rain. I have the same thing in the left wrist which broke two years ago. The break is more along the top and side so there isn’t pressure underneath. I was taking tylenol with codeine at night for the first four weeks and keeping the foot on pillows. I didn’t take anything during the day but did have the luxury of slapping my foot on top of my desk wrapped in ice most of the time. That effectively took away any pain.

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