Posted by: zhak39 | July 20, 2009

Salute to the one who knows Buddha

When he embarked on his meditation he asked his brother to call him om namo guru buddha gyani (salute to the one who knows Buddha).  He is also known as Palden Dorje or Tamang Tulku Rimpoche or Ram Bahadur Bonjon.  He is erroneously refered to as ‘the Buddha boy,’ simply a misapprehension based on incomplete understanding. In November of 2005 he told people that he did not have the energy of a Buddha and he asked them not to publicize him as an incarnation of the Buddha.

I posted a video of Palden Dorje last November when he had interrupted his six year meditation effort and gave blessings to devotees that made their way to his forest retreat area.  I found that video to be comforting and satisfying to watch and his life to be admirable.  I don’t know if he has actually taken the bodhisattva vow but he certainly is touching many, many sentient beings through his meditative efforts.  A bodhisattva on the human plane is one who commits so thoroughly to helping sentient beings that this vow will be kept in subsequent lives.  Some believe that this vow will hold a being on the wheel of samsara indefinitely.

Occasionally I try to keep up with how Palden Dorje is doing.  Cynic and snoop that I am, I hesitate to believe much that is posted.  I find it really funny that he has a ‘myspace‘ (he’s single, from Ratanapuri Village, Buddhist, Aries, non-smoker/non-drinker and his occupation is listed as ‘Savior’).   He also has a FaceBook page.  I understand these efforts are kept up in his name by page managers, they probably have some good information (this is where I read about the bodhisvattva vow) and the videos and pictures are lovely.  Last winter there was a group of supporters on the web that imploded because of petty differences.  I no longer reference their website.  There is an ‘official‘ .com type website that I think is legitimate.  There is an .org website that relies heavily on the ‘official’ website as well.

I asked a monk about the kind of meditation that he is doing particularly because I was concerned about it being unhealthy.  Buddha supported three specific ascetic activities to raise energy levels and none are extreme asceticism.   He never proposed our adding masochistic self-punishment to the suffering incumbent upon living in this physical existence.  That would be so un-Noble Truth!  According to published reports, Palden Dorje had begun a six year meditation effort (due to close November 2011) during which he would neither eat nor drink.  The monk assured me that the lamas would take appropriate care of the body of this young man and that they would not allow him to suffer unduly.

This morning I checked in with his official website and found pictures posted that I had not seen before.  I hope fair use allows me to share these here…



I am guessing that these are from those dozen days he came out of the forest last November.  As you can see, he looks well and healthy.  I am hopeful that he is learning from his self-imposed journey and that he continues to draw together people with the kindest intentions and (energetically) highest aspirations.


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