Posted by: zhak39 | July 13, 2009

An Inside View

I am without a doubt, with no reservations, a complete klutz.  Here’s the proof.


Yesterday I was weeding around the patio when I disturbed a ground wasp nest.  These are a kind of yellow jacket and they are very aggressive and very territorial.  The sentinels came out stinging and got my right hand and foot right away.  I jumped backwards and thought about going through the sunporch door but was afraid they would follow me in and sting the kids.  So I jumped to the side but remembered the laptop cord was snaked through the window.  Not wanting to knock the laptop off the table I twisted so I would go over the cable.  I landed off kilter on the side of my foot and took off to the backyard.

It was awhile after the swelling in the half dozen stings subsided that I realized that there was something else going on with my left foot.  I finished the weeding, put in some lemon-thyme, did the grocery shopping then found an urgent care with an x-ray machine.


That’s the fifth metatarsal and the injury is sometimes called the dancer’s break.  It’s actually a commonly broken bone but on the positive side, the doctor said its one that usually heals well on its own.  The doctor who looked at the x-ray yesterday thought it was displaced but the orthopedist disagreed.  This means no surgery or pins.  Yea!

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