Posted by: zhak39 | May 21, 2009

Total Eclipse of the Sun

What do these two have in common?


Wouldn’t you love to see these ‘also-rans’ on the talk show circuit together explaining the fickleness of fame and how it no longer means beans to be number 1?


  1. Uhh, who’s the guy?

    the girl? I know her. In fact, I feel as though I know her better than my closest female friends, having seen more of her, than of them.

    I realize I’m out of touch.

    But if I knew who HE was, I might be able to discern what they have in common.

    Now, I’ll go back to my 8-tracks of Sly and the Family Stone.

  2. Bill,

    I am still laughing. 8-tracks. Love it.

    OK, I’ll clarify. The ‘guy’ came in second in the American Idol show this year. American Idol is a singing contest that’s pretty big around here, especially among tweens and their mothers. As you know, the ‘girl’ came in second in a beauty pageant and believes that she didn’t win because she made a completely sincere and genuine homophobic comment. Many of the fans of the ‘guy’ believe that he didn’t win because although he has never said one way or other, he might be gay. ‘Evidence’ is available on the internet, particularly on youtube where videos in gay cafes replete with spangly bikini clad men back up his performances. Oh, and Miley Cyrus thinks he’s icky because he wears eyeliner.

    If your interested, you might want to check out some of his performance videos at the American Idol website. He has a tremendous voice, did original and creative arrangements of all his covers and completely owned the stage.

  3. Oh . . . he’s THAT guy. Yes, I have heard about that controversy. As for her, I did think there was something bizarre, frankly, about, first, the question — who ever asks a serious political question at a beauty contest — and second, Perez Hilton’s response, which was that she should be disqualified for being honest about how she felt.

    Since when, first of all, does Perez Hilton have any currency to judge anyone, and second of all, since when does an answer more intelligent than, “Oh Burt, I just want world peace and eternal harmony” disqualify a person?

    I cannot sit through American Idol. I tried, when Shawn Johnson was a finalist, to watch Dancing with the Stars, but I had no stomach for that either. I mean, the world is falling apart, the economy is in ruins, and America can’t get enough of a bunch of young people dressed in fancy clothes doing, essentially, what we used to do in front of the mirror?

    ‘Sup wit dat?

  4. “Since when…?” Since Donald Trump (emphasis on Trump as in trump up) took over. Controversy means publicity even if it is notoriety or infamy which means recognizability which means money.

    I don’t sit through American Idol but my mother told me about Adam Lambert about half way through the season so I watched some of his performance videos on the website. Sometimes I like to take a video break.

    As for the world falling apart, yes, the world is in a constant state of decay and renewal, destruction and construction. Nothing new there. Yes, there’s endless war and conflict and there are children being horrifically abused and people are losing their jobs and young people can’t get jobs and 40 year olds are moving in with their mothers.

    And song sparrows still trill with sweetness and double rainbows are still impressive and a genuine smile is still warming. I never had the clothes or the talent and avoided mirrors anyway. I like to know that there are talented people out there, working hard and earning their thrills.

  5. I’ll take the birds and the hard work over letting my mind turn to mush watching that drivel.

  6. Harrumpf!

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