Posted by: zhak39 | May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Kath

Hello, dear Sister.  If I were with you today at your grand gathering of friends and family this is what I would say…

Faith,” Kathy told me, “is what you know without questioning.  It is what it is.”

When you wake up in the morning and swing your feet over the side of the bed you don’t think, “is the floor still there?” You don’t wonder “did the ground disappear over night?”  Would you toss your clock off your bed stand and wait to hear a reassuring ‘clunk’ before you dare reach down with a tentative toe?  No, faith allows us to get out of bed and stand on our feet, to stretch and walk and get on with life.

Kathy takes it further.  What makes her floor solid?  What does she know without a doubt?  She knows that our lives our precious.  She knows that our lives are good.  Love makes her ground  firm.  And from love springs happiness and joy and appreciation.  She knows this and takes it as an assumption just as she walks on familiar floors with a structure that will uphold any weight in our full  lives.  She knows that the foundation of love will not only bear any burden but will support the exponential growth of continual creation.  This is the nature of our physical dimension.

“What is, is,” she says.

Some of us are skeptical.  We call ourselves scientists or metaphysicians or descendants of the original Doubting Thomas.  Convince us.  It’s a nice theory, Kath.  You have a hypothesis there.  A demonstration, please.  Show us how your basis of love actually performs.

I was at her house one December afternoon some years ago.  Two brothers who rarely see each other had gravitated to her kitchen.  These two live on opposite coasts of this vast continent.  Singly, they can be surly, individually they may be pessimistic, even at times morose.  Together?  like the north ends of magnets bound together with twine.  They snipe, they bicker, they glare.  It was a test for Kathy, not of her faith but of her patience.  They grate and bristle trying to outdo each others dissatisfaction.  At some point food must be thought of.  True to our upbringing, something called for tomatoes and ground meat.

“I’ll make the sauce,” said one.

“I’ll make the meatballs” says the other one.

“You better do it right” they say to each other.

(And I think, how ugly will this get?)

But they start.

“You have to smash the garlic, then mince it,” says one.

“The onions must be cut just so,” says the other.

They snarl,  side by side in front of a cutting board with sharp objects in their hands.

and then…

“The olive oil should be green”

“Yes, first pressing,  Not that extra light crap.”


They bgrowl, they snipe, they correct each other, and they cook.  I saw it then.  I saw how they connected.  I saw it pass between each other as solid as the floor they stood upon.  They love each other.  Deeply, intimately, on the solid ground of the faith that is the gouund of Kathy’s belief….


Well yes.  It is an anecdote but I do remember how wonderful her kitchen smelled after the chilling cold on that December afternoon.

The skeptics among us want evidence.  How easy is that?

Recently I was preparing a meal in that same kitchen.  The house was so quiet, serene tranquility, a rarity in my own life.  I was mincing root herbs, shallot, I think, when a car pulled up the strangely angled (to a flatlander like myself) driveway.  A young woman stopped her car, rooted around in her bag, slapped at the cd player though she continued to bop to music unheard.  Lovely, joyful, radiant Dani.  Even more recently, I read an e-mail from someone who not only read my blog but found a personal meaning.  Pondered it.  Applied it.  Responded to it with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.  Nick.

With a foundation, a faith in love, there is no limit to the authenticity and  joy in actualization on our physical plane that can occur…

I hear a Bronx cheer.  Utterly unscientific, my anecdotal evidence.  Fine.  Try this.

Look at the person next to you.  Look at the person next to the person next to you.  Look at the person furthest from you.  What brought you here?

What brought you here this day?

Now look at the ground beneath your feet.  Look at how it connects to each person that you can see.  Think about how it connects to grass and stream and river rock.  Think how that ground touches cement and  clay and sand.

At this moment I am so many linear miles away but I am also standing on the same foundation of where all precious things are possible.  Every day upon waking I can put my feet on the foundation of joy and kindness and self-actualization.  Distance and matter coincide in Kathy’s faith.  You have to love that!

Kathy, I am as hopeful for the world as I am appreciative for your faith in love.

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