Posted by: zhak39 | April 30, 2009


Ms. Foxx,

It is really unfortunate that the national media keeps picking up on your misguided commentary. The latest is your poorly thought out dismissal of hate-inspiration for the murder of Matthew Shepard. Because of your esteemed position when you say “We know…”  people will believe that you are speaking for those you represent, that is North Carolinians, that is me.

You do not speak for North Carolinians in general. We are far more reasonable and accepting than you give us credit for. We believe that every United States citizen has equal rights under the law. We also believe that in order to assure that these rights are upheld, those who have been systemically discriminated against deserve special consideration and those that are susceptible to being treated with unprovoked and undue violence require even more vigilant protection. These are the values that we uphold and these are the values we pass on through our immediate and extended families.

I certainly support your right of free speech in your private life. You can make any unfiltered dis-compassionate insecurity-inspiring wrongheaded hateful comments in your backyard or your home, your coffee house or your church.  But please reconsider before speaking thus in your official capacity.

With kindness,


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