Posted by: zhak39 | April 16, 2009

Her Dream Came True

“This is my dream come true,” she said.  “To come home from work and have someone cooking my dinner.

We come from the same gene pool and swim in gentle spirals, my sister and I.  She has flair and style;  I’m a bit too substantive.  Her life resonates through her body, her senses;  I intellectualize.  She appreciates good food from her tongue to her toes.  I love to cook for someone who actively  enjoys lovingly cooked meals.  There it is, our yin and yang, our complementary point of connection.  The kitchen.

On the last night of our whirlwind weekend in New York I whipped up some Chicken Cacciatore for Kathleen, Charles and Dani.  I prepped in the kitchen of her quiet empty house.  I watched as her stunning daughter cruised in the driveway after a day of college classes.  Dani and I chatted about der Bleu Reiter group and Schopenhauer before she scooted off to study.  I minced shallots and garlic and melted butter.  When Kathy got home her house was redolent of pungent bulbs.  Charles made it in from his super commute just as the sauce thickened.

I can’t imagine a greater heaven than to cook for loving appreciative joyous people.  Love you guys!



  1. This would make a great cover shot when you publish your cookbook


    • Kath can make anyone look good. A little photoshop might help though.

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