Posted by: zhak39 | April 1, 2009

They Think It’s Never Been Done Before

Tomorrow is the day.  Helen is getting a haircut.

My angel sent me some pictures of a haircut she likes.


I think that she’ll look good with a unisex haircut and this guitarist from the band Gazette is a very pretty boy.  I love the creativity and expressiveness of these kids but I find it funny that they think that they are wholly original; that it has never been done before. Taking a video break, I ran across this. He makes me wish I had been about 10 years older in 1972. (Yes, Daddy, I know you’re grateful that I was not).  Here was an utterly beautiful boy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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  1. Is it the anorexia or, the stick ’em butterflies on the eyelids that does it for you?

  2. You really want to know, Bill?

    It’s the slightly crooked tooth. It’s the picture that’s not overly manufactured perfection. It’s non-digital. It’s the incredible multiple talents. It’s unconditional love of self. It’s whimsy. It’s embracing and acceptance. It’s humanity, authenticity.

    Anorexia? He looks to me like a young person just dazzling with energy and growth and strength, channeling and actualizing the beauty of the immaterial universe It is a spare frame that carries the weightless cosmos.

  3. Bob Dylan did that without make-up; indeed, without bathing.

  4. I think we’re getting perilously close to old fart territory.

  5. Well, I am an old fart. No doubt about that.

    And I agree with you about these polished little saccharine boy bands and little girls with their own TV shows who have lunch boxes and hand bags and are on the covers of school notebooks BEFORE they begin their singing careers.

    I listen to the radio and, while I understand the words, I can’t take the music. Makes me feel like I’d feel if I were driving a mini van. And I can’t bring myself to drive a mini van. Can’t do it.

    Say, have you noticed that our comments are listed at very odd times that are not consistent with when we’re actually posting them?

  6. Technical note for Bill–

    You are posting, I am responding. That’s why I get to either approve or disapprove comments and when I go in to strip out your contact information (email and IP addresses) I can also make revisions. It’s good to be queen.

  7. Ooh, the Midnight Special. And Todd Rundgren. And Hello It’s Me. Love it. Thank you.

  8. See? Laurie gets it.

  9. Perhaps we can agree on this one, though this might be more Kathy’s vintage.

  10. Yes. Yes. Thank you for that. An amazing being.

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