Posted by: zhak39 | February 2, 2009

Snakes on a Plain

It’s not unusual for me to dream about snakes.  These are always snakes in normal places, sunning on a rock, coiled in a furrow, in nature, on a plain and never indoors (I would know what that meant).  Generally these snakey dreams come in clusters and there are a lot of snakes involved.  This morning I had a second in just a couple of days.

OK, before you go all Adam and Eve on me, I like snakes and personally don’t automatically assume that they are evil.  I have had snakes come to me in  visualization to offer humor and wisdom.  Snakes are flexible and strong.  They can be healing symbols.  So don’t get all phallic, Freud.

Here’s a sketchy version of the latest dream.

I was in the town where I went to high school.  I was picked up  by the head of my company in a helicopter.  Incidentally, he and I have met but we do not interact directly.  He offered to take me home if  I could tell him how to get there.  I could not tell from the air as I did not have a frame of reference.  We got lost.  He did not have time to look so he let me out.  I was with a companion, a woman but I am not sure who she was.  It was hot, we were on a dirt road and the dust was yellow.  We tried to come up with a plan to get out of our situation.  We saw an estate and she thought we could fool someone into helping us.  We walked down the driveway.  It became cooler as we got closer to the house.  There were gardens with vibrant healthy plants.  My companion talked to the family.  They were very gracious.  The children were especially delighted.

The children that lived in the house where we had shown up were very happily walking with us to the road.  They had enjoyed our showing up.  One asked me where I was from and I lied saying ‘Texas.’  This is the only thing I specifically  recalled saying in the dream.  It was hot and we were walking on a path marked by large stepping stones with herbs and greenery growing between them.   The children did not walk on the path but in the short grass on the side.  I started to walk from one stone to the next.  The children were alarmed and told me not to do this.  One of them said ‘you’re not from Texas or you would know.’  I looked down at my feet and there was a snake coiled next to my foot.  I hopped to the next stone and there were more snakes, some with their mouths open and hyper-extended, fangs visible.  There were both venomous and nonvenomous varieties.   I jumped off the stone path toward the children.  Some of the older ones were shaking their heads.  They didn’t believe me anymore.  We walked to the mailbox at the end of the driveway and the children turned away.  My companion said we had better move on.

A quick search gives the following broad interpretation of snakes in dreams.

  • treachery
  • hidden fears, particularly something that has not quite surfaced in waking life
  • temptation, dangerous or forbidden sexuality (fear of snakes being fear of commitment or intimacy)
  • a callous, ruthless, untrustworthy person in the dreamer’s life
  • healing, transformation, knowledge, wisdom
  • self-renewal, making positive changes

Deception is a big part of this dream; it is troublesome and upseting.  I am not aware of deceiving anyone in my waking life  or for harboring guilt feelings.  The snakes make me wary but I am not paralyzed with fear.  I have a healthy respect for them and yield to them their place although they do make me feel uneasy.

I’m stumped.  How about you?

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