Posted by: zhak39 | January 11, 2009

Chick Magnet

So we’re at TJ Maxx picking over the clearance items.  Chris of course separated from me as soon as we got through the front door.  Once I’d done my thing, I found him in men’s clothes and we headed for the cashier.

As I am paying for my few purchases I see two employees are talking to Chris.  They are both young women, maybe twenty.  One of them says to him “you know that girl that was talking to you a few minutes ago?”

“Um, yeah, I think,” he answers.

The two young ladies look at each other then the second says, “she wants to know can she have your phone number?”

I fell out.

Chris mumbled something about not being interested and not giving out his phone number.  Outside of the store, joking, I asked him if that happens to him often.

“Every time I go out, pretty much.”

My son is a chick magnet?

Just for kicks I asked Helen about it later.

“Yeah.  Girls ask him for his phone number all the time.  He doesn’t give it out.”


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