Posted by: zhak39 | November 18, 2008

The Horse is Dead, Maybe You Should Eat It

From the local paper:

Lean Cuisine meals recalled

Tuesday, November 18

(updated 8:20 am)

WASHINGTON — Nestle is recalling nearly 900,000 pounds of frozen chicken meals that might contain materials that are not supposed to be in the dinners.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said the recall followed a report of an injury after someone found small pieces of hard plastic in a meal.

These products are being recalled:

* 9.5-ounce packages of Lean Cuisine Pesto Chicken with Bow Tie Pasta with production code 8280595912 and a use-by date of May 2010.

* 10.5-ounce packages of Lean Cuisine Chicken Mediterranean with production codes 8231595912 or 8241595912 and a use-by date of September 2010; production codes 8263595912, 8269595911 and 8274595912 and use-by date of Oct. 2010; and production codes 8291595912 and 8301595912 and use-by date of Nov. 2010.

* 12.5-ounce packages of Lean Cuisine Chicken Tuscan with production code 8234595911 and use-by date of Sept. 2009; production codes 8253595911 and 8269595912 and use-by date of Oct. 2009; and production codes 8292595911 and 8296595911 and use-by date of Nov. 2009.

The frozen chicken meals were produced between Aug. 18 and Oct. 27 and were delivered to retail stores nationwide.

For questions about the recall, call Nestle at (800) 993-8625.


  1. I don’t eat frozen dinners. Do you remember when you three kids were little and you wanted me to buy some kind of frozen lunch …I did ….and then you all said “Mom, don’t ever buy that again!”

  2. That would be beef pot pies.

    It went something like this.

    We asked—You said not a good idea.
    We pleaded–You said don’t think so.
    We rationalized (it’ll be easier for you)–you denied (not if you don’t eat it)
    We insisted–You caved.

    Some time later…

    You gave them to us. We said the dog ate better.

    We were incredible little sh*ts.

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