Posted by: zhak39 | September 13, 2008

Translations for Divergent Generations

A finding in neurology shows that our brains continue to grow and make connections into our mid-twenties. This is why younger people’s intellects are so flexible. Human beings under the age of thirty are natural and avid learners. They absorb so much so quickly. It also may be the reason that older people sometimes feel like they need a translator in order to understand what teenagers pick up so quickly. We are so lucky that there are people out there to fill in that gap. An example:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Sepultura & Pavarotti _ Roots Bloody …“, posted with vodpod

Last week a study was published by Adrian North of the School of Life Sciences in Britain relating musical preferences to personality attributes. One correlation that I found to be especially interesting is that “contrary to the stereotype, heave metal fans are gentle and at ease with themselves.” I keep this in mind when I sit with my son watching videos on fuse. He is my personal translator. When the leather and chain clad lads jumping around fire pits spitting brimstone and groan, moan, grunt and growl he helps me out.

“Grrrr, ungh garble, huhnguh!”

“Honey, what did he just say?”

“He said ‘I don’t like rice!”

Grungh skrun hungh huhnguh”

“Now what did he say?

“He said ‘don’t serve me rice for dinner!”

We muddle along.

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