Posted by: zhak39 | August 5, 2008

A Moment and a “Mad World”

(You may want to skip down to the previous entry and play the video. Charles, this is the song I told you about)

He didn’t bring home a t-shirt. Nor a sea shell, starfish, a jar of sand. He could have taken a camera and shared pictures of Sammi and Erica walking on the pier or Travis and Max goofing off at ocean’s edge. This was a momentous trip, this thirty hour jaunt to the beach. It was a measure of trust, the stretching of that invisible cord between parent and child. Are you responsible enough to be five hours away, over night without a parent? Do I believe that not only you but your friends will make positive choices?

Clearly I believe he has made good choices in his friendships because I did let him go. Sammi picked him up at 7:00 a.m. He called when he got to the beach, that evening, again Saturday morning, before leaving the shore (as instructed). He spent his money appropriately. He was on time. He even slept some.

But instead of a gift shop throw-away he brought something to me late the evening of his return. In the quiet after everyone had gone to bed he told me this.

“The best part was when we were coming back. We were about thirty miles from Greensboro on this road with nothing around it. There was just road and rows of pine trees. Travis and Max had fallen asleep. Sammi had the cruise control on. She and Erica were talking, I couldn’t really hear what they were saying. Then the best song ever came on, you know “Mad World” from Donnie Darko and I looked at my friends and out the window and I had this really great feeling…”

He didn’t bring me a t-shirt, a goofy shot glass, a postcard. He brought me a moment, the onrush of metta in this mad, mad world.


  1. Nice story Jackie. I love Chris description of the road, the pines, the quiet and the good feeling. I’ve had those moments myself.

  2. Chris sharing this personal moment with me was a tremendous gift. He is a sweet young man.

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