Posted by: zhak39 | July 5, 2008

Easy and Elegant

Want a ten minute prep, 30 minute bake chicken recipe that could enhance any continental restaurant menu? Sure you do.

What you need:

pie plate or quiche pan

cooking spray
bread crumbs
cream cheese (I use tofu based – low fat, adds protein)
sliced green olives
three boneless chicken breasts

Coat the pan with cooking spray. Cover with breadcrumbs. Mash the cream cheese with sliced olives. Pound chicken breasts really thin. Layer bottom of the pan with one chicken breast. Smear half the cream cheese mixture. Layer another chicken breast then cream cheese and top with the last chicken breast. Separate the egg. Beat the white until stiff. Beat the yolk until light yellow. Smear the top of the chicken with the yolk and coat with bread crumbs. Spread the white around the edges. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

This is a great recipe because it’s flexible. The cream cheese adds richness and moisture and it is a medium to hold whatever flavors you want to add. My kids like green olives. You could use chopped onions or shallots. You could go fruity and put in chopped dehydrated raspberries or cherries. If you are into herbs you could put in dill or rosemary. Rosemary is really great with chopped oil cured olives. You could use fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes.

Choose a cream cheese or substitute to suit your health needs. I use tofu based nonfat (tofutti brand) cream cheese substitute. This may not be something to put on a bagel but it cooks really well. It serves to make a higher protein, low fat dish. Of course regular cream cheese is going to make the dish richer if that’s what you like. Neufchatel works just as well.

Lining the pan with breadcrumbs makes clean up really easy.

The egg whites help seal leaks so the chicken doesn’t dry out. It also makes a crunchy crust around the edges.

Bon apetit!

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