Posted by: zhak39 | June 18, 2008


I only have a minute so this will be all too brief.  Chris is at Moses Cone Hospital, resting after a very rough night.  We will be seeing him this afternoon.

I wish to express appreciation and admiration for the woman who was doing logistics last night for surgery.  She was calm, helpful, hopeful, supportive.  Which is particularly noteworthy because at the same time Chris was having his surgery, her mother was in the next operating theatre.   Seems her mother, who is 84 and suffering from Parkinsons had a suffered an injury–leg broken in three places and shattered ankle.  Besides offering support for us, she was guiding her own family through the process of patience and worry.  An awesome woman.

Beth, the head nurse in recovery, you took wonderful care of Chris.  For those first 30 minutes, each time he came to focus, lifted his hand to you and said, “Hi, I’m Chris.  How are you?  Who are you?” you gauged his pain, lightly took his hand and quietly explained where he was.  Thank you so much for the competent and loving care you took with my dear boy.

I thank my own family for their support.  I felt the envelop of your kindness and spiritual support throughout the long night.  I love you all.

I express deep appreciation to my darling Sam who was left out of the loop and showed character in taking care of himself and handling the calls that came through at home.  You are an amazing boy and will be a wonderful and supportive man.  You also went to bed as I asked you to but you were waiting up in the dark of your room to make sure that mom came home OK.  I love you dearly.

And most of all, I love you Laurie.  I have no words.  Can you believe that?

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