Posted by: zhak39 | May 25, 2008


Some weeks ago while taking a brisk walk around the block I saw two young birds furiously practicing flight.  Their wings were a whirl, their eyes on a bush not 12 feet away.  I saw them try to glide only to discover the obstacle of gravity.  They had energy, birdie optimism.  Their goal was in sight.  They were comically awkward.   Cruel me, I stood still and laughed, poor things.

What I could see clearly and they did not have the experience to know was that their pinfeathers had emerged but their flight feathers were immature.  Even their most enthusiastic flapping would allow them to travel just so far from the nest.  I imagined mama bird in the myrtle suppressing a chuckle.  She watched them for a moment then plumped their bed with new fluff.

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