Posted by: zhak39 | November 2, 2006

School’s Out

Click anywhere in white area for slightly clearer view.


  1. I’m glad all are okay– too bad about the crispy critters.

  2. Hi Billy–

    The kids tell me that some of the high school students wanted to go back in for the biology pets. All of the kids that I talked to were calm and orderly–they did really well.

    The outpouring of support is wonderful and the plans to have the kids go to the Millenial campus and GTCC East for the next two years is good. I’m concerned though that the rural school experience has been destroyed once and for all. We live in the county because we want our children to have a rural experience. With the busing of the kids from the city, Eastern grew to be a monstrosity. Now that the system has gotten Eastern temporarily within city limits something tells me that even the semblance of the country school will never be regained.

  3. Gosh, I thought that they were still in the magnet schools – I’m glad they are okay.

  4. While Helen is excelling at the Early College in Jamestown, we have discovered that a close relationship with supportive teachers in the neighborhood school far outshines the benefits of better-on-paper programs but an administration that favors statistics over children in the magnet program. Plus the boys spend only two hours on the bus as opposed to over four.

  5. Just did this – nearest book was Websters New World dictionary – said page and line produced:

    “gently adv.
    dill n. a plant related to the parsley, with aromatic seeds and leaves, used to flavor pickles, etc.
    dilly n., pl. [Slang] a remarkable person or thing”

    Truly! And this just 30 minutes after I discovered the Back Forty blog. . . .

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