Posted by: zhak39 | June 3, 2006

American Idolaughtry

So if you come from ’round these parts, you know that this morning was the McClansVille homecoming party for local favorite….

Chris Daughtry.

The AI (American Idol, not Artificial Intellingence) Buzz has it that this guy is pretty nice. He’s family oriented, he has lunch with school kids, he helps out with the PTA. Well let me tell you, well, it’s true. And the community has really come out for him. What struck me the most walking around the field next to the near abandoned Mcleansville shopping plaza was how excited families were. How parents and young children had gathered together to wish Chris well. There were fathers pushing strollers and boosting children up on their shoulders. There was a contest to see who oldest fan was (it was a Fryar, not a Clapp). Parents and children, like those to your left, had planned on this get together, made a project of it.

The event balanced backwoods tacky and small town endearing. The Harley babes and the stretch suvs–a bit over the top. Chris made it to the stage as the Eastern High School band (in full uniform–Cassandra, you are a real sport!) played ‘We Will Rock You.’ For their trouble, Chris and his family ‘walked the gauntlet’ patting the young musicians backs and smiling into the wicket of camera phones in teeny boppers sweaty hands. (Oh my Gawd, Oh my Gawd! Tiffany, I got his picture!) Chris gave a short talk to the elementary age school children cordoned off in a tent on the far side of the field.

Back on stage Chris was allowed by contract to sing one song. He asked the crowd who had the Absent Element CD then sang a cut by request from a young fan. Incidentally, someone is doing really fun artwork with that band. A little edgy for the school kids, but very attractive to teens.

The hosts had solicited questions from the crowd. Chris shared such points of interest as he has two pets, a guinea pig and a bunny. They’ll probably leave Mcleansville but will stay in Guilford County (Irving Park maybe?) He really liked meeting Billy Bob Thornton (“who?” asked a teen next to me. “Angelina Joli’s ex-husband.” “Who’s that?” If she was a boy she would have known). Perhaps of greater interest to rock and Chris fans is it’s an uh-uh on these guys but he intimated that there may be something brewing here.

(Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all for an up and comer’s success, but EDDIE! What are you doing?)

If things don’t go so well in the music industry, apparently Chris does have some other expertise. In exchange for two tickets to the Greensboro Americal Idol concert tour performance, a lovely woman donated her hair to locks of love. I must say that Chris and his wife Deanna did a credible job of shearing.


  1. haha, my goodness, she SHAVED her head? man. Well, at least it went to a good cause!

  2. A friend of mine used to show up on talk shows where he would perform what he called “The Punishment Cut”…which meant he rendered bald women with very long hair. Life is weird.

    I thought Chris was awesome…but was really pulling for Kat and Kellie. Chris was my 3rd choice.

    Great post and pics!

  3. First, umm, so WHAT’s wrong with Eddie Vedder?

    Second, do you still have copies of the photos you took of Michael McDonald during the Doobie Brothers’ tour back in 1980-81?

    Third, just because I’m very vain, do you have any photos of ME from that period? Particularly taken from the 3d floor of the Thorne Building when I was sitting, scarf draped around my neck, on the first?

    Just random thoughts.

    But again, WHAT’s the problem with Eddie?

  4. Hmm, mysterious stranger.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with Eddie Vedder but I know what’s right with him. He’s an interesting lyricist who offers a refreshing view of the ordinary. He delves under the surface. I don’t know as Chris Daughtry can do that yet.

    Most of my pictures, writing, and crafts ‘disappeared’ in ’93. You’ll have to recreate your past without those artifacts. It allows you creative license that way.

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